wrz 26, 2021 | Beata Ciupińska
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with some inserts from the TVD website https://www.fvd.nl/volledige-speech-van-thierry-baudet-bij-de-algemene-politieke-beschouwingen-2021

Madam Chair,

Today, I emphatically address all people in the Netherlands, vaccinated or unvaccinated. Afraid of corona or not afraid. Angry journalist, or open minded. To quote Hans van Mierlo: “I have to try to say it well.” And I will publish this text in full on our site, with footnotes and source acknowledgment).

New kind of vaccines

So.. Madam Chair!

In 2009 Ab Osterhaus published a now famous article in the renowned international professional journal “Vaccine”, entitled “Vaccine-induced enhancement of viral infections”. (1)

Its purport is that due to the rapid mutation of viruses such as corona (2) the antibodies generated by vaccines very quickly lose their protective effect, and that these very antibodies can then enhance future infections. The process is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement, and many immunologists and virologists have since confirmed this mechanism. At the beginning of this year, it was described extensively in the renowned scientific magazine Nature. (3)

I will explain this mechanism. Conventional vaccines, which infuse weakened or attenuated viruses integrally into your body, so that your immune system can take its time to develop antibodies that can cope with a virus integrally (4) comparable with going through an infection in a natural way, are different from the experimental corona vaccines (5), which stimulate your body to produce one single specific protein of the corona virus, which is dozens of protein chains long. This one protein is called the spike protein (because it looks like a spike). Generating this protein is possible in two ways: via mRNA (a technology used by Pfizer and Moderna), or by using another adapted virus, the so-called Adenovirus, a technology used by Janssen, AstraZeneca and Sputnik.

What you will call it is of course always a matter of debate but Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology (6) calls it “gene therapy-based vaccines” (7) – and that is the very reason why this government decided to simplify the license application for gene therapy substantially as stated in the Dutch Government Gazette of March 30, 2020. (8)


These mRNA vaccines make use of tiny particles (nanoparticles), a kind of fat globules, that move the active vaccine substance around in the body. These particles are not harmless and produce considerable adverse effects. (9)

They have strong interactions with, among other things, the immune system, which can cause severe side effects. Of course, the strength of this reaction varies from person to person, but the side effects can range from mild to very serious - for example, we know the frightening images and stories of people who became unwell immediately after the injection, developed heart problems, became paralyzed or even died shortly afterwards. (10)

The protein to be generated by the vaccine can also cause substantial side effects.

The spike protein has an effect on the Angiotensin system and this changes a number of systems in the body, such as the blood clotting system. When the spike protein is formed in the body, small clots are formed in countless places in the body; for that reason, almost everyone with a shot does not feel well for a day to a week.

And because the fat globules move that spike protein throughout the body, it ends up everywhere in the organs and tissues. As a result, a very large number of very different types of side effects can occur. From clotting in the small blood vessels, to impairment of vision, to disruption of the menstrual cycle. From paralysis that originates in the spinal cord, to brain fog. In addition, all kinds of inflammation can arise, for example in the heart muscle.

A correct diagnosis and registration of these side effects appears to be very difficult, so the true extent has become the subject of estimates. But up to now – adjusted for the higher absolute numbers of vaccination – relatively twenty times more people have reported they experienced side effects than with other vaccines. Proportionally there have been even sixty times more deaths. Again, this is after adjustment for the number of jabs. I have a chart here. These are shocking numbers that cannot be simply dismissed. Perhaps it could be photocopied and distributed.

Moreover, the registration of side effects is by definition incomplete because it is not systematically recorded, but depends on self-reporting. Nevertheless, we can safely say that the number of reported side effects is vastly higher than has ever been the case in the past.

Thierry Baudet graph

More than 20 times more reported side effects of corona vaccination than regular vaccines in previous years

There may have been many hundreds of deaths in the Netherlands - if not more - and many thousands in Europe. In the UK registration system, the list of side effects for the Pfizer vaccine alone is over 98 pages long. (11) And that is not surprising; after all, we are talking about a vaccine that is still in phase 3 of development.

How the vaccines work

Nevertheless, the intended effect of the vaccines is in itself plausible. That is, the production in the body of spike proteins, and because the Alpha- or Wuhan variant of corona contains a protein that strongly resembles it, the human immune system could theoretically be trained by this spike protein to defend itself against a corona infection.

However, in the meantime lots of new variants of COVID-19 have been formed, which no longer contain such a protein (12), so that these mutations escape the effect of the present vaccine.

For example, the protection of the vaccines against the current delta variant is already three to five times less than against the Wuhan variant (13) and it is quite possible that corona will have become almost completely insensitive to the current generation of vaccines. (Over 18,000 variants are now known.)

And as the above-mentioned study by Ab Osterhaus from 2009 shows, it will not be a matter of “it won’t hurt to try”. For that spike protein can have a potentially adverse effect on the immune system. Last month a study appeared in the Journal of Infection, which seems to show that vaccinated people already have an enhanced reaction to the current Delta-variant – and therefore they run a higher risk of becoming seriously ill than unvaccinated people! (14) An extremely worrying finding, which constitutes one of the biggest problems of the current vaccination programme.

By skipping steps in the regular research process, the corona vaccines have been allowed onto the drug market more quickly. (15) The long-term effects are so unknown that we have even read in the leaked Pfizer contracts that the countries that entered into an agreement with the pharmaceutical giant have also had to legally recognize this. I quote:

“The buyer acknowledges that both the long-term effects and the effectiveness of the vaccine are unknown, and that the vaccine may have an adverse effect that is currently unknown.” (16)

The numbers about corona

But from what danger should this semi-mandatory experimental concoction with its dubious effects protect us? Let us look at the facts about corona again.

The Infection Fatality Rate – in other words, how deadly it is – corona is worldwide, on average 0.23 percent. For people younger than 70 it is 0.05 per cent. (17) That is in the same order as a severe flu, and so low, that in my opinion it does not justify the insecurities and risks of the current experimental vaccines at all. (18) Purely based on reasons of health I would therefore advise everybody under 70 not to take such a jab.

For people over 70 the vaccines might be worth considering, were it not for the fact that the very group that has the highest chance of dying the average age of corona deaths is 83 largely remains unprotected by these vaccines – as was revealed in a study in Nature last June. (19)

Data from Israel and the United Kingdom also seem to confirm this: almost 60% of people hospitalized with corona in Israel last month turned out to be double vaccinated. (20) Almost half of the corona patients admitted in England last month were fully vaccinated. (21) And in the Netherlands, it appears that in the group of people over 60 who test positive for corona, almost 60% were also neatly double vaccinated. (22)

Young people

What remains? The young people. But as hospital director Maurice van den Bosch of the OLVG wrote: “Vaccinating this age group […] does not benefit those involved […] (23) It’s up to us to explain to the pharmaceutical companies there is no room for introduction within this age group”. (24)

But still mirabile dictu! Injections for toddlers and small children are prepared! Why, in heaven’s name?

Unexplained matters

And why did almost the entire Chamber vote to put corona on the A-list of contagious diseases – the list of the most deadly killers that exist such as Ebola? The far-reaching, freedom restricting measures can only be taken legally if there is a very dangerous virus. But it is evident and undisputed that corona does not belong in that category! (25)

And why were effective and decades old medications such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine suddenly declared “extremely dangerous” and even forbidden? (26) Could it be because the use of an experimental vaccine like this would then not have been allowed in the first place? (27)

And why is the serological test not allowed, which can show via a blood sample if a person has antibodies? Why do people who have gone through corona in a natural way and are therefore better protected than people who have been vaccinated still have to take a vaccine?

And why is that people who have taken the experimental vaccine with its limited effectiveness do not have to be tested to have access, whereas those who refuse to take it must be tested – although we know that the vaccinated can get corona too and can transmit it (28) (and may even have more chance to do so, because they are mildly symptomatic more often).

And what about those face masks that have holes in them, which can let through about a hundred million virus particles and therefore don’t work at all?

And why do two billion Euros in the budget in front of us go to testing infrastructure, vaccines, vaccination lines, yet ICU capacity has still not been scaled up in the last 18 months?  We were doing it for healthcare, weren’t we? (29)

And finally, why a QR code, which enables central, digital registration and control, instead of the yellow vaccination booklet, which has proven its effectiveness for decades?

All these things defy reason. They lack all logic. The whole story makes no sense. Therefore, there can only be one conclusion: the goal of the corona policy is not the protection of public health.

Similarly, the goal of the EU is not “trade”. The goal of the immigration is not “helping the vulnerable”. And the goal of the climate policy is not the well-being of nature, environment or planet.

And so we are back where we started.

The betrayal

During the past year and a half, I have come to realize that the deception we had seen before, in the three Great Projects that are destroying our world, that are cutting off our old roots and are carrying out the Attack on the Nation State. That this deception also exists with regard to corona.

It all serves a completely different agenda. An agenda that is indicated with terms like The Great Reset and Build Back Better. An agenda that is rolled out globalistically and seems to have the whole world in its grip.

It is not difficult to see what the next steps will be. First of all, the vaccination rounds will become recurrent, probably each half year. Today Israel announced that the vaccination passports will only be valid for 6 months even after the third shot. So that means: each half year all those side effects again, as this gene therapy. From January, Australia will also make a third shot mandatory to participate in social and societal life.

There will be new lockdowns to force people to take those vaccines, look at Australia again.

Freedom permanently becomes conditional. And the economy especially the SME will be weakened, will become dependent on the all-powerful government, with a more central role for the mainstream media and an even more strictly regulated internet.

Meanwhile, it was announced last week that credit card companies are working on a system to centrally registrate the CO2 footprint of all your purchases and also to maximize them so that you cannot spend anything anymore, once you have reached your CO2 maximum. TNO also suggested something like that much to the delight of RTL News. (30)

In relation to this we can see that cash is being phased out. Cash payments of over 3,00 Euros will be prohibited, and banks are stimulating shop owners and hotel and catering facilities to only accept debit card payments. (31) Due to their ever-increasing compliance requirements the banks are obliged to pass on all information about their customers to the government, so that in this way, more and more power of control flows to the state – because all payments become known, visible and traceable (and he who knows what you spend your money o, in fact knows everything about your life).

The final phase, and that too is not so hard to see, appears in front of your mind’s eye when we allow ourselves just one moment to look at the future through our eyelashes, that final phase is the integration of all these things, health passport, CO2-footprint, spending pattern, internet search history and behaviour in one central digital identity. Just have your QR code scanned and the system running on ultrafast 5G internet connects all your data with the smart city and your smart household.

Undoubtedly these next steps will be presented to the citizens as useful things. Abolishing cash is supposed to work against organized crime. A digital fridge, to remind you when you are at the supermarket, so that you will never forget to buy fresh milk. How easy! Or a timely warning when you are almost exceeding your CO2 maximum, a favour, so that you do not have to miss your weekend break. All so very convenient!

But those QR codes will never go away. They will become the new normal. That is what it was all about, the QR society, where good behaviour is rewarded by access to social-societal life, and bad behaviour is punished with a scanner turning red.

They are the “new traits” of the new despotism as Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw: “A despotism in which an immense state has taken individual into its mighty hands, and which covers society with a network of small, complex, minute and uniform rules, which the most original spirits and the strongest souls are no longer able to get through, so that they might transcend the masses. The state does not break their will, but weakens, distorts and leads it. It seldom forces to act, but continuously resists action. It does not destroy, it prevents creation. It does not tyrannize, it impedes, it suppresses, it disturbs, it phases out, it numbs and in the end it reduces every nation to a herd of timid, diligent animals with the state as their shepherd.

The Great Reset

Corona is the alibi, the pretext, the inducement, to realise the new world order that had been prepared and desired for a long time. In 2016 it was decided in the UN context to give all people on earth a “digital identity” for everyday use, specifically the integration of driving license, bank account, media and health records were mentioned. (32) Also in that year, EU and UN introduced a “global vaccination strategy”, aiming to give “vaccines” to all people in the world regularly and to registrate that digitally. (33)

Thus, the infrastructure of a social credit system, including mass surveillance, with China as role model, had already been created.

At the moment it is still about medical, personal and a few other basic data. Next year or the year after, a CO2 tax will be added; after that your financial data will be connected and your personal IP address will be linked to your biometric data or your face recognition, so that all your internet traffic can be monitored and the trap really snaps shut.

And so, it is all connected.

In 2016 it seemed that the populists could very well be winning. The Ukraine referendum, BREXIT, the miraculous rise of Trump. Globalism, which was defined by massive immigration, the EU and climate thinking would be punished by election victories of people like us.

But now a way has been found to continue to the desired direction after all to complete globalistic socialism, the merger of neoliberal multinational thinking and statist welfare state thinking. Big government and big business are merging, going hand in hand, as James Burnham foresaw sixty years ago. The QR society. Total government control. Unlimited possibilities for an omnipotent state.

And so, corona is not the “only” issue for Forum for Democracy, on the contrary. We still oppose the ever continuing integration of the European Union; we oppose the open borders; the insecurity in our streets; the fleecing of our elderly care, we oppose the bizarre climate plans of this caretaker cabinet. We still stand for our culture and our way of life, for our farmers and our companies, for direct democracy and traditional architecture. But before we can talk in a meaningful way about the policy choices made in this budget, we have to understand what its background is: the Great Reset. That’s why they don’t listen to our arguments at all. They don’t care, because this is not about arguments at all. It’s about a very different agenda behind this. It’s all make-believe. We are in Plato’s cave. We are watching the representation. They don’t care about climate, they don’t care about helping people, they don’t care about trade, they don’t care about public health. It is entirely a different agenda.

Before we can talk about the money for health care about the ICU beds that Rutte has cut out of existence in the past 10 years. We have to understand why vaccination campaigns are rolled out. And before we can talk about the housing shortage as a result of a made up nitrogen problem, about years of massive and disastrous immigration, it is essential to see how they are paving the way for nitrogen lockdowns and climate lockdowns, while social cohesion in our countries is weakened and we are running the risk of being set up against each other instead of fighting for our common rights and freedom.

And so, Forum for Democracy is still the party it was. We still stand for the same values, the same country, the same tradition. But the playing field has changed, because the adversary has undertaken a new attack. We will have to form a front as broad as possible in politics, as well as outside of it, to fend off this attack for good and to change the developments for the better. That is the mission of FVD. My mission. Thank you.


The speech in Dutch with the list of referencest https://www.fvd.nl/volledige-speech-van-thierry-baudet-bij-de-algemene-politieke-beschouwingen-2021

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