lut 14, 2022 | Ordo Medicus

We publish an URGENT appeal from Poles living in Canada to fellow Canadians. If you live in Canada, please support this appeal. Thank you in advance!


Dear Fellow Canadians, 

The opposition has put forward a motion to abolish COVID 19 mandates: it is scheduled to be voted at 3 p.m. today, Feb. 14.

Therefore, please write asap an email to your MP and call him first thing in the morning before the vote to support the motion and ask all the members of your family and all your friends to write a separate letter and call their MP.

If the vote is not supported enough, they are planning to send everyone „home” brutally. 


You can find your MP and his contact data by your postal code here (if they block the system-simply find the name and contact number through a simple Google search, asking first for MP name for your address and then for contact phone number and email).

Here is a sample letter:

Dear Mr./Ms. [full name of your MP],

I am writing to urge you, as my representative in the House of Commons, to vote in support of the upcoming motion to end COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.  

It is the highest time to follow medical science and do the right thing for the people of Canada: to stand on the right side of history.

I also ask you to support the position of Mr. Joël Lightbound, M.P.calling on the federal government to “stop dividing Canadians.”

With regard to the present federal government’s COVID-19 measures, I share completely the view of the distinguished former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Brian Peckford leading a lawsuit against the overreaching by the federal government.

Thank you very much for your attention and I kindly ask for your response at your earliest convenience.


[Your full name]

[Your full address]